Fish Breeders of Idaho
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Address: Box 479 Hagerman, ID, 83332
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Phone: 208-837-6114
About Us
Located in the scenic Snake River Canyon of Southern Idaho, Fish Breeders of Idaho produces and processes the highest quality rainbow trout, catfish and tilapia. With dedication to quality and service, our staff controls the entire process from egg through production to processing, marketing, and distribution, assuring our customer the finest quality product.

Idaho is famous for its crystal clear spring water. In this water Fish Breeders of Idaho raise their rainbow trout. In the same area Fish Breeders has hot artesian wells which product abundant quantities of 95 degree water. Mixing this hot artesian water with cold spring water produces the ideal temperature for growing catfish and tilapia.

Leo and Judy Ray built their first catfish fish farm in the Imperial Valley of California in 1969. In search of a new and better way to grow catfish, Leo and Judy moved to Idaho in 1973. Geothermal water, concrete raceways, high density production and temperature control was first successfully introduced to catfish production. Introducing this technology to tilapia production was the next step in their goal to stay at the forefront of aquaculture technology. Rainbow trout was added to the operation in 1978. Fish Breeders of Idaho leads the industry in new production and technology.
The high quality of the fish is no accident. The better flavor, texture and overall quality are results of clean, clear water flowing through concrete raceways. A total exchange of clean, clear water every five minutes in each production unit insures excellent flavor. Swimming in a constant current, the fish develop a firm texture.