Steele Apiaries
Address: 400 W. Beacon Light Eagle, ID, 83616
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Phone: 208-939-0764
About Us
Shaun & Kris Steele have been raising honey (and kids) for almost 30 years. They now have over 3,000 hives that travel throughout Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington pollinating crops and producing incredible honey and beeswax.

Their honey tastes great.That’s why the Boise Co-op has sold Steele Apiaries honey for over 25 years. A national baker also uses Steele honey in all of their bread. It’s good stuff.
Our bees are hard at work gathering nectar across Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington & California. They help pollinate farmer’s crops and in return we can offer you some of the best-tasting honey available in the West.

Our honey is minimally processed in order to preserve its natural properties. We lightly filter the honey to remove bee parts and other larger materials. In colder months, we gently heat the honey so it will flow through our filtration system. Our honey is not pasteurized