Timeless Seeds Inc
Contact: Dave Oien
Address: PO Box 881 Conrad, MT, 58425
Email Address:
Phone: 406-278-5722
About Us
Timeless was founded in 1987 by 4 organic farmers to provide markets for the production from our own farms--primarily rotational crops like lentils, peas, flax, and specialty cereal grains. As the business has grown we have become able to provide markets for other certified organic family farmers within about a 150 mile radius. The business started on the farm of David Oien, and eventually moved to an abandoned grain elevator in nearby Conrad, Montana. Today, the main office remains on David's farm, but the production facility is now located in the small town of Ulm, near Great Falls. Timeless incorporated in 1994, and in addition to the original founders, the owners include over a dozen farmers and friends of farmers who endorse the mission of providing market opportunities for family farmers growing certified organic legumes and grains. We have become known across the nation for our high quality and unique varieties, including our trademarked Black Beluga Lentils, Black Kabuli Chickpeas, and Purple Prairie Barley. Our offerings now include over 2 dozen types of edible legumes and grain sold in bulk, as well as in our branded Timeless Natural Food retail line that is found in over 300 natural food and specialty food stores. Thanks to a special relationship with Quality Life Concepts since 1994, the packaging of our retail line provides meaningful employment for up to 20 developmentally disabled adults.
Our products are certified organic to NOP standards by the Montana Department of Agriculture.