Five Bee Hives LLC
Contact: Tom Harned
Address: 640 Deertrail Dr Hailey, ID, 83333
Email Address:
Phone: 208-720-7297
About Us
Five Bee Hives rents land from farmers to place the hives on (we pay our rent in honey). The hives are all located in the Wood River Valley in Blaine County. Tom, the owner, lives in Hailey and travels to Croy and Quigley Canyons as well as to yards in Hailey, Bellevue and the Triangle to work his bees.
The bees visit all of the flowers in town as well as in the pastures, hillside and fields of the valley. The honey is truly a wildflower variety - a little bit of everything.
As a small commercial honey producer, Five Bee Hives goal is to provide bees and honey to the Wood River Valley. Bees are having a pretty hard time making it on their own anymore. It is a busy job visiting the 400+ hives and checking on them to see how they are doing. Usually some are doing very well, some very poorly, and most are doing just fine. Research shows about 98% of feral hives have vanished from our landscape - killed of by other introduced bugs and diseases. In general, the only bee's left are those under the care of beekeepers. Monitoring the hives and medicating when necessary has become a critical method of keeping hives viable. The medications have specific instructions on how and when to use them - they are never placed in the hive when there is a honey collection box on. Five Bee Hives cares about the bees as much as their clientele and doesn't want to taint the honey crop. Providing for strong, healthy bees will usually lead to a good crop for consumption with plenty left over for the bees too.
During processing I strive to keep the honey as unchanged as possible - I do not filter it and use only small amounts of heat when extracting it from the comb and when bottling. Enzymes and pollen are still present so it is healthy for you and good for allergies too.
If you see one of the bees in your yard sometime, take care to watch it collect the pollen and nectar from flowers or perhaps drink from the birdbath or pond. Planting bee-friendly flowers in the yard will encourage the forager-bees to come visit, so please consider helping them out in that small way.
I hope you enjoy the bees and the honey as much as I do.
Sincerley, Tom Harned