Quesnell Canyon Farm
Address: 4350 E 3800 N Hansen, ID, 83334
Email Address:
Phone: 208-539-6098
About Us
With a combined love of agriculture, animals, and all the joys of the country life our family was established in 2006.

We started our funny farm as we endearingly call it, in 2009 starting with 2 dogs, 1 horse, 1 mini donkey, 2 cats, and 2 fish.

We have now expanded into a productive farm incorporated in our family farming operation with our beloved same 2 dogs, horses, miniature donkeys, cats, goats, chickens, White Dorper Sheep, our wonderful little boy who is 4 and a beautiful 1 year old daughter who are both so much fun!
Why our eggs? We love our critters, and our eggs show it! We gather eggs at least twice a day for freshness and quality. These eggs are free range! Our chickens are pasture fed and have daily access to run and forage then put to bed each night for comfort and safety. We carefully wash off debris, weigh each egg to ensure that our customers only get medium to JUMBO sized eggs, candle each egg for spots, cracks, etc, then package and label the eggs with new (reusable) containers.