Eden Creamery
Contact: Cassie Dayan
Address: 9068 Kuna Rd Kuna, ID, 83634
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Phone: 208-869-5627
About Us
Our Operation


Eden Creamery/Goshen Farm focuses on a full-circle operation. The farms feed, goat rearing, milking, and cheese making occur on the farm. Which is possible due to Eden Creamery that is located on Goshen Farm and it is benefiting form a great milk production coming from goats that are feed free-range on 4 acres and additional 8 acres of alfalfa field. The goats are also fed sprouted barley (purchased locally) instead of grain.


Making artisan cheese, we take full advantage of our amazing milk and produce products that are rich in flavors and aromas. Commercial cheese makers have to deliver large quantities with consistent cheese, this produces industrial like cheese that loses a lot of the cheese’s “original” characteristics- for that they need to introduce various additives, this will ensure that they don’t lose yield with seasonal changes and can compensate/adjust for poor milk. Artisan cheese on the other hand, will allow seasonal change to occur. This means that you can feel the season changes in the flavor and aroma of the cheese- a much more interesting and surprising experience.

Our mission is to promote healthy food, get our customers one step closer to the producer/farm and understand and appreciate what it takes to make healthy and delicious cheese. Cheeses have a lot of history, and cultures- knowing that will enrich your overall experience, joy, and fascination about this amazing food.

So join us, explore our website, eat healthy, know your food and enjoy it :-)
Eden Creamery's mission is to be closely connected to the farm and promote sustainable, free-range, and natural practices. Eden creamery is directly involved with the farms that produce the milk we use. Farms that supply milk to the creamery are:
Goshen Farm (goat milk).

Custom Artisan Cheese: Eden Creamery provides service to customize or develop cheese for a particular texture, flavor, or other unique characteristics.