Malheur River Meats, LLC
Contact: Rob and Michelle Stokes
Address: 4276 John Day Hwy Vale, OR, 97918
Email Address:
Phone: 208-599-2887
About Us
Malheur River Meats is a family partnership between Rob & Michelle Stokes and Mike & Linda Bentz. Our ranches reside in the high desert region of Malheur County in southeastern Oregon. The story unfolded years ago with a shared friendship and ambition to produce healthy range and pasture raised meat, the way nature intended. With the highest regard for integrity, we believe in the traditional ways of producing an honest superior product that taste great and is healthy for you our customer. Proper nutrition efficient management and handling animals with respect, compassion and the least amount of stress while practicing sustainable agriculture practices is the model we feel makes the most sense. Our grass fed / pasture raised animals nutritional needs are met by following Mother Nature's seasonal growth cycles. Animals are rotated throughout our ranches to provide balanced nutrition and allow the vegetation to restore itself in between grazing rotations.
Management protocols we adhere to in our operation are as follows.
    1. All animals have been grass fed, grass finished and / or pasture raised.
    2. Animals have been raised and handled using humane welfare practices. This is defined by allowing animals to perform natural and instinctive behaviors essential to their health and well being. Provisions are made to ensure social interaction, comfort, physical and psychological well-being.
    3. Animals are free of synthetic hormones, antibiotics and animal by-products.
    4. Livestock have been born, raised and processed in the USA.
    5. Livestock operations are family owned and operated.
    6. Livestock operations practice sustainable agriculture methods that improve the health and viability of the environment.
    7. Minimally processed no artificial ingredients.