Extravagonzo Gourmet Foods LLC
Contact: Tom Stevens
Address: PO Box 6346 Boise, ID, 83707
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Phone: 208-639-2926
About Us
Extravagonzo Culinary Oils are the real deal, no flavorings are used: the Garlic is roasted in GSO which is then added to the EVOO; we crush the citrus fruits with California Arbequina olives in Napa Valley, CA and blend that crushing w/ the EVOO, so you get a bit of the seed and the zest, along with the full flavor of the fruit; and the dried Red Chili’s (Guajillo, Chili Arbol, and Chinese Reds) are soaked in the EVOO for up to 60 days until flavor and color are absorbed. Extravagonzo’s superior flavor delights the palette, and the difference is immediately appreciated.

Extravagonzo enhances any culinary creation, limited only by your imagination: Soups, salads, pasta; steaks, seafood and poultry; spuds and eggs, popcorn and pizza. Try them on corn-on-the cob, yikes its good! Sauté veggies, use the citrus infusions on fruit salads. Drizzle on ice cream – out of this world!
We blend Extra Virgin first cold pressed Chetoui Olive oil which is a fruity oil; Sahli Olive oil, a rich and buttery oil; and Chemlili Olive oil which adds a little intensity - all imported seasonally from Argentina, Spain or Tunisia - to create a delightful base for our infusions.

Extravagonzo Culinary Oils are approx 20% Grape Seed Oil (GSO). The GSO provides additional anti oxidants and Vitamin “E” and lends a beautiful nutty/buttery consistency, while magically brightening the flavors.

Our Balsamic Vinegars from Modena, Italy utilize a base of 12 year old Balsamic, with additional less aged Balsamic, and combine just enough cooked and raw Grape Must to thicken and enliven them, offering exceptional flavor, depth and character.