Chook's Pond
Contact: Teri Garvin
Address: 8224 Carinoso Way Severn, MD, 21144
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Phone: 208-890-3074
About Us
Chook's Pond farm is located on five acres in Sunnyslope off of Hwy 55. Our chickens are all free-roaming. They have a shady pond and over 1 acre of pasture to run around on - plus they always seem to be escaping into the garden and under the fruit trees for bug-chasing and general scratching around. We also grow blackberries and raspberries without pesticides or chemical sprays.
Our chickens are fed a locally produced, pesticide free grain mix plus scraps from the garden and all the pasture goodies they can find. They are never treated with hormones and only treated with antibiotics if they need it due to illness or injury - which is very rare. They live in a natural community consisting of several roosters and around 60 hens. The roosters protect the hens from predators, find tasty treats and call the hens to share. They get along with each other as well as the humans and barn cats in their lives. We strive to insure that our chickens have good, natural chicken lives and I think it shows up in the taste of our eggs.